Saturday, September 14, 2024 11 – 4pm | Downtown Lincolnton NC


(*required for alcohol consumption and/or purchase; must have ID)

2024 Farmers Market Application

Event Overview

The Lincolnton Food, Wine & Brew Fest is set for September 14, 2024. The festival hours are 11AM until 4PM. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your business, talents and products to thousands!

The Lincolnton Food, Wine & Brew Fest appeals to foodies, wine enthusiasts, craft brew connoisseurs, art & music lovers and anyone looking for an enjoyable afternoon. There is something for everyone. You’ll find local citizens and out-of-town visitors participating in the day’s events. There are activities and offerings for individuals, groups and families!

Questions? Contact the DDA office at [email protected] or 704-452-7685

Lincolnton Food, Wine & Brew Fest

Festival Guidelines for Farmers Market

  1. Vendors seeking to sell locally made products and consumable items – including, but not limited to, jams, sauces, canned goods, infused oils & vinegars and natural soaps, should apply to be in the Farmers Market. Food items are limited to packaged goods. No served-on-the-spot food or drinks – served food is only to be sold by the food trucks at the event. Farmers and growers are invited to sell produce, plants, honey or any locally grown goods that showcase the region’s agriculture. If you have any questions regarding the types of items you plan to sell, please contact the Event Coordinator.
  2. If eligible, a certificate of general liability and liquor liability insurance naming the City of Lincolnton and The Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton, Inc. as an additional insured
  3. Electricity will not be provided. However, a pre-approved, quiet-grade generator is allowed and must be approved by staff prior to event.
  4. All vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables and tents. Please remember that given the time of year, weights are required to anchor tents in case wind is a factor.
  5. Vendors will be advised of the designated parking area upon arrival.
  6. The designated entry time for setup begins at 9:30 a.m. Vendors will be able to park and unload at their space, but are asked to unload then remove vehicles as quickly as possible in order to prevent congestion. All vehicles must be removed from the event area before 10:00 a.m.
  7. The designated time for breakdown begins at 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted by the Event Coordinator. No vehicles will be allowed into the event area until 4:30 and/or until there are not any pedestrians in the footprinted area.   Vendor participation will be prohibited in future events for those who break down prior to designated time.
  8. Staff reserves the right to dismiss any vendor who displays disorderly conduct. Expulsion is at the discretion of the Event Coordinator and/or DDA Executive Director.
  9. Each vendor is encouraged to promote this event through their own marketing outlets (including, but not limited to, social media, sharing with existing customers and/or your website).
  10. All items should be handmade/original goods. In addition, The Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton and the Lincolnton Food, Wine & Brew Fest do not permit the sale of counterfeit goods or products.*A reminder, the Lincoln County tax rate is 7.00%
    *This is a rain or shine event.NOT be refunded.

STANDARD DEADLINE: July 5, 2024 | LATE DEADLINE: August 16, 2024